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Through ‘Lights on Istana’ we hope to bring clarity to the facts and foster constructive discourse on the key themes of the upcoming Presidential Election.

Part 1:
Role of the CPIB

The CPIB has never been so much in the news as it has been recently. In the first case, it was asked by the Prime Minister to investigate the circumstances surrounding the rental of the Ridout Road bungalows to two ministers...

Part 3:

We are putting the spotlight today on the eligibility of candidates for the presidential election. There are two tracks for candidates: those from the public sector and those from the private sector...

Part 2:
President's Constitutional Powers

We're been asked many questions about the President’s role and his powers. He is not just a ceremonial figure, he has constitutional duties as well. That is why in Singapore, the President is elected and not appointed....

Part 4:
Ceremonial Role

The President is the most prominent figure on two main State occasions: The opening of Parliament and the National Day Parade. By gracing these occasions, the president serves as a unifying symbol for all Singaporeans...